Melbourne NSA – Tips For Guys To Find And Hookup With Girls In Melbourne

Melbourne No Strings Dating

So, you’re ready to find a fuck buddy Melbourne?

In that case, it would be safe to assume:

  • You are NOT interested in a serious relationship right now (for reasons best known to you)
  • You haven’t had sex in Melbourne in what feels like ages
  • Your ball sack is full from a lack of action (sorry, a bit crass)

With the exception of bullet point #1, it sucks to find yourself in either of the other situations, especially when you’re surrounded by the fabulous creatures flaunting their hot little fuck bodies in the streets of the capital.

Sex drought is real, and it’s not fun when your balls are blue like the waters of Bass Straight.

But congratulations for finding us. Because we’re here to be your wing man, and there’s a few things we need to discuss…

This is a fuck buddies Melbourne guide that we created with the goal of helping single lads like you turn the situation around – that is, show you how to find hot girls in the city and have some NSA fun with them – NSA, of course, denoting no strings attached.

Girls for sex only? How is that even possible?

Mate, the NSA sex Melbourne scene is thriving if you know where to look and how to circumnavigate it. There are many horny women looking for sex in this city just like you, believe it or not.

But you got to understand that the old ways of doing things are still very much embedded in the fabric of our society.

Which means it is rare that a Melbourne babe will hit on you as you walk down the street or make the first move.

That onus still remains very much on the man.

Then again, that’s the case in every other city around the world…

Unless, of course, you decide to grace one of the sex shops in the city or bump into some open-minded women hunting for NSA dating Melbourne.

Our focus is different.

Casual Sex Melbourne

We will be dwelling more on the online side of things which offers several advantages that you’re unlikely to enjoy with a face-to-face meet.

And the good news?

Melbourne is not short of single women who are down with NSA dating.

According to the last census, there are more independent single women living in Melbourne than at any other time before.

That constitutes hundreds of thousands of single lasses, a figure that is worth noting:

a) Is from 2016, meaning the numbers are on the rise, especially considering there had been a 3 per cent increase in the number of single women from the previous year (2015).

b) Does not include young girls but rather, women who are capable of engaging in adult dating Melbourne without violating any laws or of you being labelled a perv.

According to the census figures, the number of women also outstrips that of men with the sex ratio standing at 97.8 males for every 100 females.

Melbourne is the place to be for anyone looking for a fuck buddy near me, with the city boasting 30,000 more females than males.

Getting fuck dates, if we were to work with the law of probability, should be easiest in Melbourne City where there is a larger concentration of single women.

Geelong isn’t doing too bad for itself either (5,518 more single women than men) and lads in Ballarat looking to find a fuck too have got reason to be optimistic with over 3,000 single women more than men.

While the aim is not to turn this into a national demographics report, numbers don’t lie.

They provide us with a clear context of what the casual dating Melbourne scene (and the country’s in general) is like and what you can expect in terms of availability of women (and potential to score some quick sex near me).

In other words…

Hookups Melbourne

From the figures, we can deduce that no strings dating Melbourne has the potential to be a highly rewarding pursuit for the man who is willing to put himself out there, make some crucial changes within himself and be more awesome.

Obviously, the availability of tens of thousands of single independent women means not everyone is looking for a marriage partner. A good number of them are in the same boat as you: wondering where to find a fuckbuddy near me.

Yes, women too have feelings.

While their sex gauge might not blink “Horny” or “I could do with a Melbourne fuck right now” as frequently as the male brain which is hardwired to seek out sex even at the expense of a good meal, they too are primal beings with primal needs.

So there’s no shortage of prospective fuckbuddies.

That said, you need to cultivate an abundance mindset when it comes to finding casual sex in Melbourne or other cities for that matter.

That means you need to adopt an eager and open attitude and shed any preconceived notions you might have formed over the years about the lack of women with whom to hook up in Melbourne.

In fact, that in itself is a huge attraction for women.

You know why?


a) YOU portray yourself as an inventive and resourceful man who is never short of options, should the need to look for alternatives arise.

b) This in turn increases YOUR VALUE in the girl’s eyes, acting like compound interest. Women are turned on by men who are not needy.

If you reveal your intentions (which in this case is to get laid Melbourne) but also show that you are not prepared to bend over backwards to her whims just because she’s this sexy being, that creates intrigue.

Intrigue will get you some prime real estate in her mind.

Before you get there, you need to do the hard yards: find a match, get yourself in her sights, get her phone number to arrange a meet, before – in an ideal world – the chase ends with you taking off her panties.

Melbourne Hook Up

Fuck Buddy Melbourne – 4 Tips To Get Numbers And Dates

As we mentioned earlier, this fuckbuddy guide focuses on picking up girls on online casual dating platforms.

What this means is you will need to tweak your tactics accordingly from how you would approach it if you met the girl in person.

She cannot see you and size up what kind of person you are (yes, we humans are judgemental creatures, there is no hiding from that fact) so she is going to rely on:

Your Profile

Creating a killer profile on a casual dating Melbourne site is something most guys struggle with, and understandably so. This is your shop window where you outline what you’re about and why you are a great catch for the potential matches out there.

That doesn’t mean to oversell yourself. Nobody likes a try-hard, especially in the world of dating – sex or otherwise. It makes you come across as desperate.

As well, writing the wrong thing will only result in an empty inbox which is but a frustrating reminder that there’s something wrong with your profile.

The trick is to keep it simple. To give some highlights about you while not revealing too much.

Obviously, you are on the dating app to find no strings sex Melbourne. But just because it’s a sex app doesn’t mean anything flies. That includes sleaze. Worth remembering is that the women on these platforms are not hookers.

So, what the hell is the difference between casual and regular dating sites?

Thing is, most of the girls you’ll encounter on casual sites are not particularly looking to play for keeps. They are there to meet someone to have fun with. And by fun we don’t mean attending the movies together. They are there for hook ups Melbourne.

But that doesn’t mean ice breakers along the lines of “Wanna have sex?” are guaranteed to win you a response.

You still need to warm your way through as the women on casual apps screen the dozens of admirers who hit on them every single day.

A good casual profile will have usually have the following 3 properties:

• It piques the reader’s attention

• It makes her laugh, or at least makes her smile

• It’s not outright sleazy – unless you’re posting on personals Melbourne, clean still works even on casual sites

Let’s take an example of a good bio:

“By day I manage my own food export business. But when the sun goes down, the suit comes off and it’s time to play – whether it’s hitting the local hiking trail, gracing a live rock concert, or kitesurfing in Morocco.

Maybe you can join. Message me, and let’s chat.”

That’s a brief bio that tells potential fuck buddies Melbourne what you’re about (busy man who loves his share amount of fun and is open to meet a lady friend to have fun with) without boring her stiff with the usual long list of adjectives – outdoorsman, grill master, wine and jazz, sky watcher, etc. etc.

Obviously, a good profile is not complete without some strong photos.

The main profile photo should neither be a group shot nor a solo pic of you posing in your car with that “Check me out, I’m awesome” smirk on the face we’ve seen too often.

Unless you’re looking to win over horny teenagers, most mature Melbourne girls don’t appreciate a showboat.

Your Approach

The profile aside, the way you approach women on hookup Melbourne sites is another metric they will use to gauge you with.

Melbourne NSA

4 tips to get girls phone numbers online

1. Build attraction first

As much as she may be desperate to find friends with benefits Melbourne to keep her warm on cold nights, a woman won’t willingly give her phone number to every Joe Blow who asks.

You need to take the time to build attraction with her first so she is comfortable to take the next step with you.

One way to build attraction is to give off alpha male vibes – and by alpha male we don’t mean the brash bloke who crushes beer cans with his bare hands.

Being an alpha male is about portraying yourself (and this should not be misinterpreted for posturing) as a high quality man.

A man who is not desperate for her attention, let alone hell-bent on getting her number.

Rather, you are a prize that she needs to pursue.

We won’t sit here and lie that being an alpha male is simply a coat you wear and take off as you deem fit. It is not. It is going to take work on your part.

A complete change of mindset perhaps?

The way to go about it is to work on your personal self.

Whether that be through attaining a fitter, masculine physique; cultivating additional skills (educational, social and other life skills); or basically doing things that enhance different aspects of your life. That includes shedding the negative traits as well.

In short, being alpha has to do with self-improvement.

What this does is boost your confidence from deep within – as opposed to the superficial kind of confidence.

Confidence is sexy to women, and that will reflect in all areas of your life, including your interactions with prospective fuck budies online. That’s because it completely changes your view of life, and it oozes in your approach too.

As you work on your long-term male persona, there are things you can do today to project confidence when looking for a fuck buddy.

For starters, it pays to know there is a difference between being confident and being cocky and arrogant. Confidence is hot. Arrogance is not.

Second, a man who is confident about himself takes the lead in his conversations with girls online.

You could achieve this by, for instance, asking your match questions when messaging her – meaningful questions that steer the conversation a certain direction you want it to go.

Being overly complimentary is one common mistake many guys make. You are not the only guy who noticed she’s pretty – her inbox is brimming with that same message in all its variants.

Buttering up to women on NSA Melbourne sites makes you come across as a beta who is desperate for her validation.


Taking the lead in a conversation doesn’t mean to turn your interaction into a quick-fire Q&A session.

Once you feel she’s responsive, take the time to feel her out by taking the foot off the gas and let her assume momentary control. This helps you gauge her interest.

You can also employ the Rule of Connectivity to build attraction with potential fuck buddies online. This involves mirroring the way she communicates – the essence being that people tend to feel more at ease around individuals who remind them of themselves.

You can leverage this, for example, in her messaging style.

If she greets you with “Howdy Brian”, you could respond “Howdy Sophie”. If she signs off with a smiley, go ahead and do the same.

While you’re at it, it is important that you mirror the length of her messages. If she writes you two or three sentences, do the same.

Why is this important, you ask?

If you respond to her single sentence with extra lines bordering on a few paragraphs, you appear over-invested. Sure, you’re trying to find a fuck and yearning to get a woman in bed, but this will look like YOU are the one trying to impress her. Trying to qualify yourself to her.

Similarly, if you throw curt responses to her little mini-novel, it might look like you’re blowing her off.

Okay, you may have heard acting disinterested and all makes a girl attracted to you, but save that for when you have the number, aye?

Fuck Buddies In Melbourne

2. Make sure she’s into you

It IS possible to get a sense of when your potential fuck buddy Melbourne starts to feel you as you exchange messages.


Exchanging messages DOES NOT mean to keep the conversation rambling on and on and on (more about this shortly). Usually, you can gauge a woman’s interest in you after she sends you about two or four messages on average.

But if you are one of those fellas who needs it clearly spelt out, it may be hard to pick out. Or probably if you have been a victim of ghosting in the past.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re in your life.

Typically, you can tell your sex date Melbourne is on if you spot these 3 things in your conversations:

a) If she’s sending you lengthy messages and responses that are longer than your messages to her, odds are she’s either
a) a talker who needs to let it out with every stranger who cares to listen or
b) she’s into you. Chances are it’s the latter.

b) She’s peppering her chats with all sorts of emojis (she hasn’t used the cucumber or peach yet, has she?) and punctuation like multiple exclamation marks – not to shout at you but to laugh at something you probably said. Yup!!! You can spot an excited bird when you read her convos.

c) She’s not afraid to ask you questions. If she’s really curious and eager to know more about you, this is the best sign yet and your cue to throw in the game-changing line – “Let’s continue our conversation, are you on WhatsApp?”

Speaking of WhatsApp…

3. Suggest taking things offline

So you’ve managed to build rapport and trust through your chats, and it’s evident the hard work you’ve put in is starting to bear fruit.

It is important to strike while the iron is hot as soon as you’ve built up attraction with your, hopefully soon to be NSA fuck buddy.

Remember, there are plenty of other guys vying for her attention, especially if she’s hot. Hesitate too long and 1). she’ll either friend-zone you or 2). Your lead will turn cold in an instant.

You don’t want to find yourself in either scenario.

When it comes to asking for her number, you need to be suave about it.

Hey, care to give me your digits?” is not going to work with the kind of high quality lasses you want to turn into fuck buddys.

Here is where you can introduce psychology into the picture. It has been shown that when someone is in agreement with one thing, they are more likely to consent to anything you say.

Which means…

You need to put her in an AGREEABLE frame of mind so that she will be more willing to give you her number.

If you’ve already covered your bases as in Point #2 above, you should be able to tell when is an ideal time to move in. And when you do, make sure to keep it classy AND avoid making the mistake of playing the desperate man.

The desperate man is one who asks politely – “Hey, can I get your number and chat you up later?

Well, she may be able to give it you depending on the level of trust you’ve managed to build.


This is a risky way of doing it because you subconsciously place yourself in a position of “need”.

When you do that, what could have been your Melbourne hookups partner senses that you need approval. The idea, rather, should be to make it seem like a symbiotic arrangement.

Instead of “Can I get your number?” try something like “Hey, let’s exchange numbers and carry on this conversation offline”.

Or if you’re ever the risk taker, you could even leave her YOUR number, albeit in a clever way of course:

I’m not on [platform xyz] often and would hate to miss your messages. Here’s my number, text me.”

While it might be a gamble sometimes, it should work in instances where you’ve managed to hit it off with your match.

Places To Meet Girls Melbourne

4. Have a bit of bants

Melbourne women love some good banter, but even better, they love a bit of flirting too.

So feel free to introduce these into your conversations, but tread carefully here as humour is subjective and will usually depend on the personality you’re interacting with.

You can establish this – to some degree – based on how receptive she is to your flirting in your initial conversations and if she’s also capable of dishing it out.

Tease her a little bit.

While tickling her funny bone is one way to get a promising fucking NSA buddy attracted to you, it’s better to simply keep it normal (but light-hearted) if you’re not too sure how the wit will fly with her – or if you feel humour is not your biggest forte.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Numbers:

1. Letting the conversation run out of steam

We mentioned about the danger of letting a conversation drag on and on with no end in sight. Even when you get off to a solid start with a great ice breaker that elicits a response, it’s easy to taper off if you’re not careful.

We’ve talked about the importance of striking when the iron is hot, so gauge your prospective casual sex Melbourne partner first and then bring up the phone number issue.

2. Asking for the number too soon

In the same way that you shouldn’t leave it too late before exchanging numbers, unless she’s there for commercial reasons, moving in too early will most likely see your efforts get stonewalled.

Yo babe, can I have your number?” is a line dozens of beta males have thrown at her. Instead, do as we said – build up attraction with her first then move in when she’s mellow.

3. ASKING for her number

We have also alluded to the risk that comes with asking a girl for her number. That places her in a position of power while taking it away from you.

When you give her the upper hand, it makes you look weak and insecure, which in turn makes it easier for her to reject you.

Melbourne Fuck Buddies

Types Of Casual Dating – 7 Ways To Hookup

There are different forms of casual sex Melbourne you can engage in.

Theoretically, most of these terms can be used interchangeably – as we have ourselves in this guide. In truth, though, there exists fundamental differences between them, particularly with regard to frequency of contact.

The one common thread between them is that there is no romantic affiliation in these relationships – at least when they are first starting out.

Let’s break it down, shall we?


Initially used to mean non-romantic encounters following a period of drinking – mostly but not necessarily between people who were known to each other – the meaning of “hook up” has since evolved.

Today, hookup Melbourne – in a sexual context – is sex between two people who are not romantically involved. A hookup can be with anyone really – a Tinder date, a friend, co-worker, you name it.

Casual Encounters

A broad term that can be used to mean any form of sexual encounter without any romantic underpinnings to it. Casual encounters Melbourne are just that: casual.

NSA (No Strings Attached)

Melbourne no strings dating is a form of situationship whereby the parties involved engage in sexual activity while managing to establish clear boundaries – that is, they do not allow the fling to develop beyond anything other than sexual.

Friends With Benefits

At face value, friends with benefits Melbourne (also known as FWB Melbourne) can be described as a liaison between two people who know each other and decide to get together (on more than one occasion) for sex.

But it can also start out as a hookup with a random person you met on the Internet (or elsewhere for that matter), before blossoming into a relationship between two horny Melbourne individuals who are in it for the sex benefits.

Fuck Buddies

Like a FWB “relationship”, a fuck buddy Melbourne arrangement is ongoing in nature. It might have started out as anything, but could potentially escalate into something more serious.

Mature Sex

As the name might hint at, mature sex is between any two people past the age of consent. But it can be used in some quarters to mean an adult dating Melbourne relationship between mature people over 40.

One Night Stand

The meaning of a one-night stand is not lost on anyone.

This is a type of casual sex Melbourne encounter meant to last only for the night. However, the intentions may change and the parties involved could find themselves extending the liaison beyond the first night.

3 Mistakes To Avoid With Casual Dating:

1. Lack of communication

By communication we don’t mean texting your new Melbourne hookup partner four times a day, let alone every day.

This basically implies putting all your cards on the table as far as what your expectations of the “relationship” are. That starts with a talk about testing for STIs and STDs.

2. Revealing too much

While communication is the bedrock of every solid no strings attached Melbourne relationship, you might want to choose what you reveal.

Unless you’re planning to take the “relationship” to the next level, there is no point sharing some intimate details about yourself with a stranger just because you’re sleeping with them.

Not forgetting, in the unfortunate event things go pear-shaped, that info could be used against you.

3. Allowing feelings to creep in

Unless your casual partner is on the same page as you, getting close with a Melbourne NSA dating partner with regard to feelings could leave you holding the wrong end of the stick.

Conversely, you shouldn’t assume it’s going to be a “no feelings” engagement. Feelings do develop over time especially if you stick with the same Melbourne hookup partner. Either you or them could start getting attached.

Curvy Single Ladies Melbourne

Meet Melbourne Girls – Best Ways To Meet Local Women

When you want to partake in some nice sea fare, you don’t go to the vegetarian restaurant. It is the same case when trying to find a fuck buddie near me: visit the wrong places and it will be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

If you are tired of going to hang out in bars and clubs or don’t have the time, casual dating sites and apps might be your best bet. Unless you want something quick, albeit in exchange for a token, you can check out what the sex classifieds Melbourne has to offer.

Otherwise, it’s worth noting casual encounters websites are not created equal. Some have females that look like they stepped straight out of a porn movie, but these are dodgy and best avoided.

Here are some options that are worth exploring.

Websites & Apps – 4 Places To Meet Girls In Melbourne

Bumble – Bumble is not much different from Tinder in terms of functionality as it involves swiping; only in this case, it’s the women who make the first move.

Elite Singles – More suited to those looking for mature Melbourne hookup partners – i.e. those over 40 years. Has a great algorithm for matchmaking, and as the name suggests, is targeted at “elite” singles.

Plenty of Fish – An app that has rapidly grown into popularity, POF uses a “chemistry” test to determine the kind of person you are in order to match you with the most compatible members. Available in both iOS and Android versions.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Melbourne Dating Sites & Apps:

1. Failure to read bios

You might not be looking for someone to walk down the aisle with, but personality does matter too when it comes to no strings dating. The bio is a great place to glean some nuggets about the person you’re interested in.

2. Being sexual way too early

This relates to the initial stage when you’re trying to build up attraction with the girl. She might be looking for a fuck date Melbourne, but openers like “Wow, nice breasts” or “Would love to have a go at that” are not very tasteful.

3. Not knowing when to throw in the towel

Things might be going swimmingly one minute with a match you thought you had it going on with, but all of a sudden they go cold and stop responding to your messages.

Flooding her inbox with desperate messages isn’t going to change her mind if she’s decided to move on and seek pastures anew. Understand that this is normal in no strings attached Melbourne encounters and the best thing you can do is lick your wounds and move on to the next match.

Q. What’s the best website to hookup in Melbourne?

For casual dating Melbourne, is the best site to hookup because it’s a site featuring only singles looking for casual hookups, so you know you’re not wasting your time with girls looking for a long term relationship. You can join for free here.

Single Women Over 30 Melbourne

What Do Melbourne Girls Want In a Guy?

Unless she’s a cougar, every woman wants a high value man in her life. But even those are careful in their selection – they just don’t go for every average lad they come across.

That’s just the nature of society. It doesn’t matter whether she’s looking for fuck buddy or a life partner – women want a high quality man in their life.

Good thing is, nothing is set in stone. If you don’t think you are there yet, there are a few notable things you can do to turn your life around and make yourself a magnet for women looking for Melbourne hook up partners.

A lot of this has already been covered in our discussion above, but if we were to narrow it down, here are the…

7 Things Girls Want To See EVIDENCE Of…

1. Confidence

Every woman loves a confident man. As we said earlier, confidence is not a light switch that you flick on at fancy. It requires work on your part.

The effects of working on yourself trickle down to other facets of your life – from the way you walk to the way you talk to women, the high regard you start holding yourself in, etc.

A confident man – whose physical shape looks great – is able to attract more high quality women in his life, and when you do, you can bet it will show in your bedroom skills as well.

2. Take The Lead

We may be living in the 21st century, but it is the prerogative of the man to assume the driver’s seat and chart the way forward in the relationship.

From initiating contact with matches on casual encounter Melbourne websites, to suggesting the things to do together and taking the lead in bedroom matters, women love a guy who is not afraid to “man up” and take initiative.

3. Goal-Oriented

If there is one thing that women find attractive in men, it is ambition. In fact, if most were to share insights into what they look for in their dream guy, more often than not, you will find “goal-oriented” somewhere near the top of the list.

A man who is driven to accomplish his goals in life is one every woman wants by their side.

Goals in this case do not imply sleeping with as many hook up Melbourne partners as possible. More like having a bright future mapped out that you aspire to bring into fruition in the not too distant future.

Adult Dating Melbourne

4. Attractiveness

The good thing about being a man is that you don’t have to be the best looking guy to attract women when you want to find a fuck buddy.

There are few things you can incorporate into your life to boost your attractiveness level.

These include:

  • Cultivating confidence
  • Showing a sense of charm
  • Working out
  • Having a sense of style when it comes to dressing
  • Grooming like the gentleman you are
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Being a good listener etc.

These traits instantly make you attractive to single women looking for NSA partners.

5. Not Needy or Seeking Approval From Women

If you’ve tried sex dating Melbourne but haven’t enjoyed much success until now, you need to ask yourself what you could be doing wrong.

A lot of guys go about the whole approach with the wrong mindset. Most are seeking to qualify themselves to the object of their desire rather than acting as the prize they are that women need to be competing for.

Acting needy and desperate is beta male behaviour.

An alpha male seeks to operate from a mindset of abundance in his dealings with women.

As much as he wants to find no strings attached Melbourne, he does not act needy or have to seek the validation of women.

He knows his value and it reflects through his self-confidence, impenetrable assuredness and not allowing himself to be pushed around by life, whether by employers, family members, girls etc. And that is alluring.

6. Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is all about taking appropriate steps that allow you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Investing time in yourself.

It could be through:

  • Reading books
  • Attending workshops/classes/seminars
  • Learning a new language (or two)
  • Learning an instrument (or two)
  • Taking a cooking class
  • Coaching children sporting teams
  • Learning martial arts etc.

If you can demonstrate that you’re investing time in yourself – not that you need to anyway because it SHOWS – any fuck buddies near me that you come across (and women in general) will have a hard time keeping their hands off you.

7. Sense of Humour

Good banter is one of the fastest ways to warm yourself to a woman’s heart. The upside to humour is that there is no one proven way of going about it. Anyone can find humour in everyday events and use it to their advantage in their no strings Melbourne escapades.

A sense of humour is not just a way of making her laugh. It helps build rapport with the women you’re looking to fuck in Melbourne, and also crucially, attraction.

Melbourne Sex Sites

Melbourne Dogging – A New Way To Get Sex?

A culture that originated in England in the early 2000s, dogging Melbourne has really caught on over the last few years.

Dogging is a form of exhibitionism with close connections to voyeurism (and gang bangs) that involves having sex in public and semi-public spaces (think car parks, quiet woodlands, by the lakes etc.).

The craze about dogging is all about the thrill of having sex in public and putting on a show for strangers. The love of pornography could have many willing participants stump up the cash to enjoy the public show of affection, only that in this case, it is absolutely free.

If you’re looking for dogging hookups near me now, you can be sure you’ll find a few. There is a thriving community of doggers in the capital who are always organising dogging events.

Heck, if you’re looking to find sex in Melbourne and happen to get lucky, consider asking your newfound fuck mate if they would like to participate. But it takes someone a little more open-minded.

Lastly, before you attend your first dogging session, whether as an actor or watcher, keep in mind that there are dogging rules and guidelines you need to be aware of.

No Strings Dating Melbourne

Melbourne NSA FAQs – Your Dating And Sex Questions Answered

How can I get more sex in Melbourne?

Two things. 1. It’s a numbers game bro – get yourself active on the casual sites we’ve shared. 2. You need to shed beta male traits and be a man.

That will require some bit of work on your part. But it’s all for the better – the benefits will spill beyond your dating life.

How to pickup Melbourne girls?

Like it old school? Put on your best shirt and hit the local spots. But if you prefer convenience, nothing beats casual dating sites when you need to find fuck buddys near me.

How can I flirt with girls in Melbourne?

Teasing works best, saying something like ‘If only you were a brunette’ (to imply that she’s ‘almost’ good enough, and to get her chasing you more).

Or ‘why do you do that thing with your nose?’ (this puts her on the back foot, and gets her to justify herself to you). Remember, YOU’RE the prize.

How can I get Melbourne girls into bed faster?

Tease them and don’t be needy. Have confidence, walk tall, make her laugh, hold eye contact, sit back in your chair and be the prize that you are.

Get women chasing you by BEING awesome on every level.

Hookup in Melbourne

Wrapping Up

Finding cheap sex Melbourne these days isn’t as hard as it once was, and that is down to a combination of factors.

A shift in the societal mindset about premarital sex, for one, a changing culture that has seen a rise in the number of independent single women, never mind the proliferation of casual sex sites that conveniently bring together individuals looking for someone to fuck near me.

Exciting times indeed for every single guy who is looking to play the field; a field teeming with throngs of Melbourne beauties.

How to get laid Melbourne? Follow the advice we have outlined above, it may help to re-read it several times as it’s somewhat a new way of thinking and being.

Not only will you end up a happier man between the sheets, but the potential benefits you stand to enjoy in other aspects of your life shouldn’t take long to manifest.


Adult Dating Melbourne: The Man’s Guide To Easy Sex Hookups

How To Enjoy Adult Dating In Melbourne, Attract Women, Get Them Into Bed And Keep The Sex Casual

Adult dating in Melbourne is popular for guys wanting to meet women for casual sex without fear of it turning into a committed relationship.

Any type of relationship can be challenging, but if you want to keep enjoying adult fun in Melbourne you’re going to need to know the simple steps to attracting women, getting them into bed and keeping your casual sex arrangement carefree.

Because no strings sex should be fun and hassle free.

So if you want to find a horny woman who loves sex and who you want to keep as your fuck buddy, there’s a few things you’ll need to know and keep in mind.

In this Melbourne adult dating guide, you’ll discover…

  • How to meet women in Melbourne and turn them on
  • Dirty talk to get girls in the mood for sex
  • Using sex toys for fun and pleasure with your fuck buddy
  • How to keep your casual dating arrangement loose while you continue to hookup

Let’s get started with enjoying adult fun and finding horny women online…

The 2 Easiest Ways To Meet Girls In Melbourne For Adult Fun

There are heaps of girls in Melbourne looking for adult fun like you.

Not everyone is looking for a committed relationship, even women.

So if you’re looking to get laid in Melbourne the easy way, you have 2 main ways to find potential fuck buddies.

1 – Head Out To Bars In Melbourne

Melbourne has a great nightlife. Singles love to go out, and if you join them you’ll soon find lots of girls to talk to.

Meeting people becomes easy in social settings, where you can enjoy yourself and relax.

If you are looking for adult fun in Melbourne, then it will all start with a casual chat with someone new.

You’ve no doubt figured out by now that if you want to be good a picking up girls, it takes more than just good looks, a good body, or money.

You still need to be able to start and hold a conversation with a woman in order to take her from the bar to your house, and from your living room to your bed.

We recommend you buy the book The Game, which chronicles the stories of a secret society of pickup artists who have figured out the formula to meeting women, building attraction and getting laid fast.

The author, Neil Strauss was mostly sexless for his adult life until he stumbled upon this society of former nerds and sexless guys who had mastered the art of seducing women using a step by step formula that was as predictable as using a recipe to bake a cake.

And in this case, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

By knowing the secrets of approaching women in a way where the woman is truly engaged and interested in talking with you, enough to give you her phone number within 5 minutes of meeting you, it can change your life.

So if you want to make the most of casual dating in Melbourne, get hold of The Game and start applying the techniques to start getting laid more and having a greater choice of women to date.

2 – Join Melbourne Adult Dating Sites To Hookup Singles

The web is a great way to start adult dating in Melbourne.

You can join an online dating site, create a quick profile with the things you’re interested in, and meet new people that are into the same sex, fetishes or other naughty things you are.

The beauty of adult dating sites is that they specialise in adult matchmaking, so that you only meet people for adult fun.

You won’t find anyone looking for serious relationships on these sites.

Some online dating sites can get very hot and steamy, and you can meet some great matches who have the same sexual interests as you.

When you complete your profile, be honest.

Tell your potential matches what you really want from them and tell them what turns you on.

When you are honest, you are more likely to be matched with other people who want the same things as you.

The best part is you can find only local hookups so you will not have to travel far for sex.

When it comes to adult sites, the more pics you add to your profile the more chances you’ve got of getting messages from other members looking for sex.

If you’ve just got one or two pics, it’s nowhere near as interesting, and revealing as having say 10 pics on your profile.

You can show pics of you in different life situations such as with friends, doing your hobbies, playing sports or training at the gym, as well as a few sexually oriented photos.

Just no dick pics! Surveys have been done and the majority of women don’t want to see dick pics.

Women like to leave something to the imagination, so keep it in your pants for your first encounter.

Is Dirty Talk a Turn On For Most Women With Casual Dating?

Men who are into Melbourne NSA dating are always looking for the easiest way to get laid.

So if you’re wondering if dirty talk is a turn on for women that can help you either get you to the bedroom or help to close the deal in the bedroom, read on…

Dirty talk with women is a risk.

If you talk dirty to a woman you run the risk of:

  • Embarrassing yourself (if she’s completely not into it)
  • Ruining the mood completely (resulting in no sex and even no more contact with the woman)

On the positive side:

  • You can use dirty talk to get a woman from a bar or club to your house
  • Get a girl from your living room to your bedroom
  • Get a girl from sitting on your bed to under the sheets and screaming your name (best case scenario!)

Women like the same thing men like in the bedroom in many cases, and even though many women won’t come right out and say they love dirty talk, most of them get highly turned on by it.

Do all women?

Probably not, but the women you will encounter when you’re using adult dating sites likely will…so what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Sometimes It Can Be a Little Awkward…Get Over It!

Some men will find it a bit awkward when they first start talking dirty to their potential or existing sex buddy.

However, you will probably want to just throw all caution to the wind because if you feel awkward, she is going to feel awkward and no one is going to have any fun.

Instead, throw all caution to the wind and just go for it. Is it still too difficult for you to let go and start talking dirty?

There are some things that you can do to get ready for it.

Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to Dirty Talk

When you are into sex dating in Melbourne and want to bring in dirty talk, you can start slow if you like.

One of the best ways to get into dirty talk is to start with sexy texts or emails.

This is also a good way to gauge if she is into this type of sex play.

If she seems like she is getting turned on by using sexy texts or emails, you can be sure that she will be into dirty talk.

Once you start sending some texts or emails, and get a good response from her, you can start easing it into your bedroom routine.

Here are a couple of lines you can use to ‘bait’ her, to test the waters a bit…

“I’m thinking certain things about you right now”

“I’m imagining us in my bedroom…”

“I’m picturing you in certain positions right now”

“Tonight’s rule: no underwear allowed” or “I don’t want you wearing underwear when we meetup tonight”.

Tips For Talking Dirty To Your Fuck Buddy

First of all, don’t worry if you think you sound stupid…all dirty talk will sound a little bit cheesy.

You also want to keep in mind that it is OK to rehearse before you do this and you can even get pointers from sexy stories or movies that have a script.

Often times, adult materials, if you are into that type of thing, will have some great suggestions on how to talk dirty.

Once you take care of that, you will be able to bring in more serious sexy talk.

Again, start slowly and try to gauge her reaction. If she seems to like it, you can get even more dirty. If not, keep it where you are.

Bringing in a little bit of dirty talk when you’re involved in fuck buddy dating in Melbourne can be a great way to make the sex more fun and exciting than ever before.

Though this can work with any woman, it is best with a woman who you might have slept with a few times and know a bit better than a one night stand.

Having said that, if you’re talking to a girl at a bar and you can sense attraction, dropping in some suggestive phrases can certainly get her juices flowing and imagining spending the night with you.

Do Women Like And Use Sex Toys With Casual Dating Hookups?

Have you ever wondered if women like using sex toys?

Most women won’t tell you she likes sex toys, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, yet half of all women use toys.

That might be eye-opening to you and it is for many men.

On top of that, since the females who are into the Melbourne adult dating scene are more sexually open than women who might not be into casual dating, the chances of the women you encounter using sex toys would be higher.

So how would you handle it if you found out your sex partner likes sex toys in the bedroom?

Continue reading to find out:

Sex Toys Are Not a Substitute For Men

If you’re wondering if women really want or need men for satisfaction if they have sex toys, just remember, a sex toy is just a toy…it is not a substitution for a real man.

The fair thing to say about sex toys for women, however, is that she can use them at any minute by herself when she’s in the mood.

Men Should Take The Lead With Sex Toys

Since a lot of women use sex toys, it’s up to the man to take the lead in the use of sex toys with her in the bedroom.

Don’t wait for the woman to ask or suggest it. Women like men who take charge.

It’s more of a turn on for a woman for a man to take action of his own accord, rather than a woman suggesting or asking something, then the man taking action.

Why Do Women Play With Adult Toys?

Women use sex toys to satisfy their sex urges when they don’t have a guy around, or if they have a guy, they use sex toys to enhance their sexual experience and pleasure.

There are sex toys for couples. So you can both enjoy using them together and the sex you have with your hookup will no doubt much better than before.

Since more men and women are buying sex toys, you will definitely come across them at some point when you find a fuck buddy.

Should I Use Sex Toys When Hooking Up?

What if you’ve got a one night stand, should you introduce sex toys?

If you’re hooking up at your house, most women would consider it a bit strange for a guy to have sex toys on hand ready to use at a moment’s notice.

She’d only be wondering how many girls you’ve used them on before, or even worse, if you’ve ‘used’ them on yourself!

And secondly, they might feel weird about the hygiene factor.

Most women, if it’s just a one night stand wouldn’t be comfortable with using them.

If you’re at her house though, and she brings one out or asks if you’d like to get her favourite toy, it’s game on.

So when it comes to using sex toys with a one night stand, give it a miss, unless she’s the one who suggests it.

She Wants to See You More? Ways to Let Her Know It’s Only Sex

When you get into a no strings dating situation, you’ll no doubt come across women who fall in love with you quickly and may want to take your relationship to the next level.

If you want to avoid going from casual to serious, you’ll need to handle the situation with care, particularly if you want to keep her around as your fuck buddy.

Though it may be you as the guy who might want to take it to the next level, most of the time it will be the woman initiating it.

How can you tell her it’s only about sex?

Keep reading to find out:

Be Honest With Your Fuck Buddy

When you get into Melbourne adult dating, honesty is going to be very important when you want to tell your fuck buddy that you are only want sex and to keep it casual.

If the woman you are having sex with comes to you revealing that she wants more than you do, it is important that you are very truthful.

Tell her that you are only looking for sex and not a committed relationship.

You should also make sure she knows that you are not interested in anything more in the future.

Though this might seem harsh, it will also give her the chance to reassess her true feelings, and if she realises she can ‘get you’… she will end up just moving on to someone else, which is the best outcome for both of you.

Show Your FWB You Mean Business In a Non-Verbal Way

Another thing that you may want to do is just ignore the situation.

Though you probably don’t want to be mean to her, you also don’t want to give her the wrong impression.

If the woman you are with starts talking about how she wants to make the relationship more serious, you might choose not to say anything, you can turn away from her and ignore what she says or you can simply walk away from the conversation, saying you’ll ‘think about it’ and get back to her.

In many other situations in life we often use the ‘I’ll think about it’ excuse, so why not use it to avoid unpleasant conversations that may cause her to feel rejected.

In a sense, you’re looking after her by just ignoring or delaying the ‘chat’ until she gets the picture.

This isn’t the most highly recommended way to deal with the situation, she will certainly get the message.

Tell Your Sex Buddy Where You Stand, Again

Instead of just telling her ‘no’, you can also remind her, again, of where you stand with this.

It’s important, when you are into adult sex in Melbourne, that you tell her near the beginning that you are not interested in anything more than a sexual arrangement.

This is something that everyone should do before they get into a non-committed relationship.

Sometimes, a friendly reminder is all that is needed.

Consider Breaking Off Your Casual Relationship

If the woman you have been sleeping with has brought up making the relationship more serious over and over again, you likely will want to let her know that you are only interested in a sexual arrangement by ending the relationship.

Though this may seem extreme, sometimes it is necessary to get your point across.

As long as you end on a positive saying something like:

“You’re a great girl but I’m just not looking for a serious relationship at the moment. It’s been great spending time together, but I just can commit to anything further at this point.”

“Let’s just have some time away from each other for a couple of weeks and we’ll chat again then.”

This gives her time to ‘disconnect’ emotionally from you, while it gives you a chance to let her down slowly, without having her feel rejected.”

Unfortunately, a relationship like this won’t last if one partner wants to be more serious.

Find Out Why She Wants Something More Serious

Finally, you may want to find out why she has changed her mind about wanting more.

Odds are that she will tell you that she has begun falling for you.

When she does, tell her that you are sorry, that she is a wonderful person, but you do not want the same.

That should be enough to give her the impression you are definitely not interested and only want sex.

Many men are worried that this situation will happen to them when they get into adult dating in Melbourne, and it can certainly happen often.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go along with it, perhaps out of not wanting to hurt her.

Getting into a committed relationship with someone is a big decision and for some men, it’s something that they simply don’t want to do.

If you are one of these men, take the advice above and tell her it’s only about sex.

Sex Hookups Melbourne: 3 Reasons More People Are Casual Dating

Why More People Are Having Sex Hookups In Melbourne

Find NSA Melbourne

NSA in Melbourne is catching on as a favourite way among singles to hookup for sex. 

With our busy lives, who has the time to commit to a full-time relationship with all it’s issues and obligations?

These days, we just want to have adult fun and good times!

With adult dating there are no false expectations of a future relationship and or obligations beyond casual sex.

This way you get to enjoy sex with a variety of different people to really have fun and no doubt have a few stories to share with friends!

3 reasons more people are looking for easy sex in Melbourne…

1. We still need to get laid!

These days, we’re working more but we’re still human, and the urge for sex just doesn’t go away!  We want to have our cake and eat it too!  And why shouldn’t we?

On top of work, there’s family and friends which leave us precious little time to fit in a full-time relationship.

A fuck buddy arrangement gives us the sex that we crave with the freedom we want.

Who wants to come home after a big day at work and face the challenges and demands that come with a full-time relationship?

Casual dating allows you to come home and put your feet up if you like, or hookup a date and/or sex with a local friend with benefits.

We also don’t have a heap of time to spend at bars trawling for hotties in the hope of a one night stand.

Most people with a career give a lot of time and energy to it, leaving little left for dating and romance.

2. You can still hang out with your hookup

We all want someone we get along with and that means someone with a similar outlook and values. 

It can be as simple as our lifestyle choice of not wanting to be in a full-time relationship just yet.

We may be looking for casual hookups for the next few years while we establish ourselves in our careers.

This gives you an opportunity to meet plenty of different people from various backgrounds, giving you an even better idea of the ‘ideal’ person you’ll look for at some point in the future.

With casual dating, one of the first things you need to do is be up front and honest about your desire to only maintain a FWB arrangement.

Because, if you don’t, the other person could build false expectations about your intentions, and this will only lead to someone getting hurt.

Just because it’s a casual fling, it doesn’t mean you can treat the other person like s*%t!

3. We want adult fun with multiple fuck buddies!

When it comes to adult dating in Melbourne, your likely to find more people open to trying new and different things in the bedroom than they would normally.

Due to the fact the relationship may only last a month, many are more likely to be free and just go with the moment.

And this can be good for you if you want to mix things up a bit, especially if you have multiple fuck buddies on the go at one time.

With a short-term relationship, many people are less concerned with what the other person thinks of them, which can lower their inhibitions, and their underwear.

Maybe it’s time to adopt the mindset of “I’ll try anything once” …?